Gordon Freedman, President, NLET

Kevin Lyons, Entrepreneur in Residence, NLET

Larry Good, Chairman, CSW

Robby Robson, CEO, Eduworks

Susie Freedman, Director, STEM & Workforce Development, NLET


NLET The National Laboratory for Education Transformation,, a Silicon Valley based non-profit closely allied with UC Santa Cruz, has a unique mission, to “Systematically raise and sustain the rate of learning for all individuals and institutions in the U.S. through the best technical, cultural, financial, and organizational means possible.” NLET is based on the premise that the 20th Century industrial-modeled education and training institutions are incapable of meeting all of the human capital needs for the 21st Century information-based society. The efficiencies achieved elsewhere on a grand scale with Internet technologies have not come to education because the business models are not present at the large-scale. As a consequence, NLET is dedicated to designing, supporting and building new information-based systems and infrastructures to allow personalization for learning and teaching, infrastructure and cloud services for institutions, and secure data-sharing to provide ready access to open learning and learning support via the Web.     »Learn More


CSW   » 

Corporation for a Skilled WorkforceThe Corporation for a Skilled Workforce,, focuses on strategies to strengthen the alignment between educational attainment and labor markets in the U.S. SW aims to dramatically increase the attainment of market relevant credentials in order to connect more learners, especially in vulnerable populations, to family-sustaining careers. CSW brings to this work relationships, expertise, experience, and skills that combine to position us well to make a major contribution to achieving the envisioned large scale adoption of competency-based credentials. To this end, CSW aims to contribute to large scale, nationwide adoption of a shared competency-based credentialing agenda while simultaneously helping local, state or national partners test and apply effective competency-based credentialing approaches.»Learn More


Eduworks   »

Eduworks CorporationEduworks is currently assisting the Department of Defense’s primary learning standards body, the U.S. Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) initiative, to develop a competency management system and has contributed to multiple international standards development efforts aimed at supporting skills management systems in the U.S., UK, and European Union. Eduworks also has advanced natural language processing and text analytics technologies that can do fine-grained analysis of documents like resumes, competency definitions, job postings, and curricula. NLET and CSW believe that several training standards and systems developed by the military can be adapted for use in competency systems for the workforce world and Eduworks has this unique capability.»Learn More


Geographic Solutions   »

Geographic SolutionsGeographic Solutions has a leadership role in serving state and regional workforce labor boards and their One-Stop Career Centers. Geographic Solutions routinely “spiders” the Web, crawling and searching for new job postings, taking the new job information and codifying it in taxonomies that expand upon the Department of Labor O*NET job codes. NLET and CSW believe making the competency and assessment-based management system job-linked will require linking each competency to labor codes and that Geographic Solutions is the ideal partner for this.»Learn More


ECPS (Education & Career Positioning System – Lone Star College)   »

ECPSECPS has developed the ECPS “educational and career positioning system” with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This system allows students, and employers, to search for jobs, discover their education gaps, find programs and track this information on a personalized system. It is designed to make secure connections to existing Learning Management Systems, Student Information Systems Enterprise Resource Planning, Applicant Tracking, Human Resource Information and other systems operating in both corporate and educational institutions. »Learn More